Simple Store FAQs

For business owners, time is money, and speed is everything. We built Simple Store to streamline the normally complicated business of setting up shop so you, busy entrepreneurs, can focus on other aspects of building your businesses.

In this walkthrough, we’ll answer a few frequently asked questions and give a quick overview of Simple Store!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who can use Simple Store?

Free, Limited, Pro, and VIP users can all use Simple Store to sell online. Free users and Limited users can list one product, Pro users can list up to 300 products, and unlimited products for VIP users. 

Q: How can I get Simple Store?

Simple Store is a section you can add to your Strikingly site. Just go into your site editor and add the [SIMPLE STORE] section. Add product images, set up payment and shipping, and manage your orders - all from your editor.

As with all Strikingly sites, your store will be mobile-optimized so your customers can shop comfortably from any device.

Q: Can I sell digital products and services?

Yes, you can sell digital products and services with your Strikingly site. 


Q: What Can I Sell in My Store?

Simple Store provides you with the flexibility to sell a wide range of products and services. Whether you have physical goods, digital downloads, or offer services, you can showcase and sell them through your online store.  However, it's important to note that the types of products or services you can sell may vary based on the payment methods you use and the geographic locations you are selling to.


Q: What cards and payment types can I accept?

We’ve integrated with leading payment gateways: Stripe, PayPal, and Square for you to set up payments with no hassle. With Stripe, U.S. businesses can accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, JCB, Discover, and Diners Club. Australian, Canadian, European, and Japanese businesses can accept Visa, Mastercard, and American Express. Offline Payments are also supported.

Q: What currencies does Simple Store support?

Simple Store currently supports the following currencies for Stripe, PayPal, and Square payment options:

  • AED: United Arab Emirates Dirham - د.إ
  • AUD: Australian Dollar - A$
  • ALL: Albanian lek - Lek
  • AMD: Armenian dram - ֏
  • ANG: Netherlands Antillean guilder - ƒ
  • AWG: Aruban florin - ƒ
  • AZN: Azerbaijani manat - ₼
  • BAM: Bosnia and Herzegovina convertible mark - KM
  • BBD: Barbadian dollar - $
  • BDT: Bangladeshi taka - Tk
  • BGN: Bulgarian lev - Лв
  • BIF Burundian franc - FBu
  • BMD: Bermudian dollar - $
  • BND: Brunei dollar - $
  • BRL: Brazilian Real - R$
  • BSD: Bahamian dollar - $
  • BWP Botswana pula - P
  • BZD: Belize dollar - BZ$
  • CAD: Canadian Dollar - $
  • CDF: Congolese franc - FC
  • CHF: Swiss Franc - CHF
  • CLP: Chilean Peso - $
  • CNY: Chinese Yuan - ¥
  • COP: Colombian Peso - COL$
  • CZK: Czech Koruna - Kč
  • DOP: Dominican peso - RD$
  • DZD: Algerian dinar - دج
  • DKK: Danish Krone - kr
  • EGP: Egyptian pound - E£
  • ETB: Ethiopian birr - Br
  • EUR: Euro - €
  • FJD: Fijian dollar - $
  • GEL: Georgian lari - ლ
  • GBP: British Pound - £
  • GIP: Gibraltar pound - £
  • GMD: Gambian dalasi - D
  • GYD: Guyanese dollar - G$
  • HKD: Hong Kong Dollar - HK$
  • HRK: Croatian kuna - kn
  • HTG: Haitian gourde - G
  • HUF: Hungarian Forint - Ft
  • INR: Indian Rupee - ₹
  • IDR: Indonesian Rupiah - Rp
  • ILS: Israeli New Shekel - ₪
  • ISK: Icelandic króna - kr
  • JMD: Jamaican dollar - J$
  • JPY: Japanese Yen - ¥
  • KES: Kenyan shilling - KSh
  • KGS: Kyrgyzstani som - Лв
  • KHR: Cambodian riel - ៛
  • KMF: Comorian franc - CF
  • KYD: Cayman Islands dollar - CI$
  • KRW: South Korean Won - 원
  • KZT: Kazakhstani tenge - ₸
  • LBP: Lebanese pound - LL
  • LKR: Sri Lankan rupee - Rs
  • LRD: Liberian dollar - LR$
  • LSL: Lesotho loti - M
  • MAD: Moroccan dirham - د. م.
  • MDL: Moldovan leu - L
  • MGA: Malagasy ariary - Ar
  • MKD: Macedonian denar - Ден
  • MMK: Burmese kyat - K
  • MNT: Mongolian tögrög - ₮
  • MOP: Macanese pataca - MOP$
  • MRO: Mauritanian Ouguiya - UM
  • MVR: Maldivian rufiyaa - Rf
  • MWK: Malawian kwacha - K
  • MXN: Mexican Peso - $
  • MYR: Malaysian Ringgit - RM
  • MZN: Mozambican metical - MT
  • NAD: Namibian dollar - N$
  • NGN: Nigerian naira - ₦
  • NPR: Nepalese rupee - Rs
  • NOK: Norwegian Krone - kr
  • NZD: New Zealand Dollar - $
  • PGK: Papua New Guinean kina - K
  • PHP: Philippine Peso - ₱
  • PKR: Pakistani rupee - Rs
  • PLN: Polish Zloty - zł
  • QAR: Qatari riyal - ر.ق
  • RON: Romanian leu - lei
  • RSD: Serbian dinar - дин
  • RUB: Russian Ruble - ₽
  • RWF: Rwandan franc - FRw
  • SAR: Saudi riyal - ر.س
  • SBD: Solomon Islands dollar - SI$
  • SCR: Seychellois rupee - SRe
  • SEK: Swedish Krona - kr
  • SGD: Singapore Dollar - S$
  • SLL: Sierra Leonean leone - Le
  • SOS: Somali shilling - S
  • SZL: Swazi lilangeni - E
  • THB: Thai Baht - ฿
  • TJS: Tajikistani somoni - SM
  • TOP: Tongan paʻanga - T$
  • TRY: Turkish lira - ₺
  • TTD: Trinidad and Tobago dollar - TT$
  • TWD: New Taiwan Dollar - NT$
  • TZS: Tanzanian shilling - Tsh
  • UAH: Ukrainian hryvnia - ₴
  • UGX: Ugandan shilling - USh
  • USD: United States Dollar - $
  • UZS: Uzbekistani soʻm - лв
  • VND: Vietnamese Dong - ₫
  • VUV: Vanuatu vatu - VT
  • WST: Samoan tālā - WS$
  • XAF: Central African CFA franc - FCFA
  • XCD: Eastern Caribbean dollar - EC$
  • YER: Yemeni rial - ر.ي
  • ZAR: South African Rand - R
  • ZMW: Zambian kwacha - K

All currencies, including the ones not listed above, are supported through Simple Store Offline Payments.

We’re working towards supporting additional currencies for Stripe so please add your request here if you’d like us to consider adding a new currency to the list.


Q: Can I activate cryptocurrency payments in my store?

Unfortunately, we do not currently support cryptocurrency payments in our store. 

Q: What language is Simple Store in?

The Simple Store editor, as well as the entire checkout flow, have been translated into French, Spanish, Deutsch, Italian, Dutch, Japanese, Portuguese, Czech, Chinese, Indonesian, Norwegian, Finnish, Swedish, Romanian, and Arabic.  See how you can change your site language here.

Q: What’s the checkout process like?  

Simple Store creates a smooth experience for your buyers. Shops selling multiple products have a shopping cart interface, while shops with single products take visitors through an express checkout flow. Your customers also get automatic updates with order confirmation and completion emails.

Q: How much customization can I do with Simple Store? 
This eCommerce feature supports simple processes at the moment. You can change the store layout, edit email notifications, customize the checkout form, and more. 


Q: Can I change the layout of the store product?

Navigate to your Site Editor and locate the Store section. Click on "LAYOUT" to switch to different layout options.

Alternatively, click the gear icon next to "LAYOUT" to select your preferred layout. You also have the option to click "CUSTOMIZE" to configure the Structure, Columns, Image Shape, Text Alignment, or Products Per Page according to your preferences.



Q: Can I change the product image holder to a circular or rectangular shape?
We have the option to change the image shape inside the editor. However, we cannot change the product image holder to a circle. Here's how you can change the image shape:

1. From the Site Editor, go to your Store section and click "Layout":



2. Next, select "Image Shape", and choose the shape you want from the dropdown:


3. Click "Save" for the changes to take effect. Don't forget to publish too!

Q: Does Simple Store support subscription payments? 

No, Simple Store doesn't support subscriptions or recurring payments at the moment.

Product Overview

  1. List Your Product
    Add the product, images, and variants, and switch up the store layouts for different looks.

  2. Set Up Payment Options
    Enter your PayPal email account or sign up with Stripe or Square, to receive immediate direct payments into your PayPal account or bank account respectively.

  3. Set Up Shipping
    All Simple Store sellers can set up a flat shipping rate to apply to orders during checkout. You can also set up flat shipping rates for different regions.

  4. Add Coupons
    You can offer your customers various types of discounts through our Simple Store Coupon feature. You can create:

    • Percentage-based discounts
    • Flat discounts
    • Free shipping discounts

  5. Add Taxes
    For sellers in the United States who have a Tax ID, we offer a way to charge a flat-rate tax system.

  6. Manage Orders
    Our Order Dashboard lets you fulfill and refund orders on your desktop and your iOS device, for on-the-go management. You can also track your inventory there, and export your order data to a CSV file for easy bookkeeping.


Q: How long do items stay in the cart?

When a product is placed in the cart, the store locks a product from the available stocks. If the order is not purchased, the order is returned back to stock after 2 hours.

For example:

The store has 10 items in stock for a product, and someone places an order for 5 pieces of that item. The number of available stocks would change to 5 at that moment. If the order is not completed within 2 hours, the stock will return back to 10. Otherwise, if the order is completed, the stock will remain at 5.


Q: Do you support Drop Shipping?

We currently do not support drop shipping.


Q: Can I remove the cart from my site?

If you have multiple products and have connected a payment method, a cart will automatically appear at the header of your site. Currently, we don't support removing it completely, but you can hide it when the user's cart is empty and only make it appear when they choose the first product. To do so, go to Settings > Header & Footer and uncheck the box before "Always display shopping cart icon?". Don't forget to click Save.


In case you need assistance, shoot us a line at or chat with us.

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