Setting Up Shipping for Simple Store

All Simple Store sellers can set up a flat shipping rate to apply to orders during checkout. You can also set up flat shipping rates for different regions. Learn how you can add and manage shipping options in our short guide below:


About Flat Rate Shipping

We currently offer one shipping option in Simple Store - Flat Rate Shipping. Flat Rate Shipping is a standard rate charged regardless of a package’s weight or size. You charge one standard shipping fee per order or per item. It’s ideal for most businesses that want a simple shipping setup that’s easy to understand for your customers.


Getting Started

To get started, get into your Simple Store manager and select the SHIPPING tab. All sellers have the option to set a base shipping fee per order and an additional item fee for each additional item purchased.

For example, if the shipping fee for the order (or first item) is $5 and the shipping fee per additional item is $2, the shipping cost for a customer ordering 4 items is $11 ($5 + $2 + $2 + $2).


Shipping Options 

You can also set different flat shipping rates for different regions. First, add a country or region you’re shipping to by clicking “ADD REGION” button.

For each country or region you’ve added, enter the fee for the first item and for each additional item (optional). You can add up to 20 regions to ship to.

Note: Setting up regions will restrict shipping to only the regions or countries you’ve added.

Example #1:

You want to set a domestic shipping fee as well as a fee for orders to the rest of the world, add the rates for the US, and select “Rest of the World” as your additional region.

You can also set up different shipping rates for overlapping regions. For example, if you’re a seller in France, you can set a domestic shipping rate, a rate for orders sent to Spain, and then set a rate for Europe.

Customers from France, Spain, or from the rest of Europe will only see the shipping rate that applies to the shipping address they’ve entered.

After setting up your shipping options, you need to add a  "Shipping Option Name" and click on [SAVE] button on the bottom to save your changes.


Shipping in Checkout Flow

In the checkout flow, your customers will only see the countries you set in the shipping settings.

Shipping calculations will appear after your customers fill out the shipping address.

Note: You can also set up a shipping fee per item weight.


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