Email Notifications for Simple Store

We want to simplify customer communications so we set up a series of automatic email notifications to your customer after he/she places an order. 

Email Notifications

When customers submit an order, they'll receive an automatic confirmation email. They'll also receive a notification email when you ship their order or issue a refund. You’ll receive email notifications when a new order comes in or when your stock is running low. 

Email notifications sent to you:

  • Order Placed - Sent when new order is placed
  • Out of Stock - Sent when product is out of stock

Email notifications sent to your customers:

  • Order Confirmed - Sent automatically after purchase
  • Order Completed - Sent automatically when an order is marked as completed
  • Order Refunded - Sent automatically when a refund is issued

You can preview what each email looks like here:


Note: Besides English, we also support French, Spanish, Japanese, and Chinese translations for the emails. Find out how here, in our language guide

You can’t disable or customize email notifications in this panel. But you can customize Order Completed email by adding a note to your customers when completing an order. The notes you add will be included in the Order Completed notification that's sent to your customer. 



Email Notification Settings

In the Email Notifications panel, you can edit where the emails to your customers are sent from, and where your notifications are sent to.


Tip: The address you enter in “Customer-facing Emails: Sent-from” field must be a real email address, and must not be on a free email service (i.e. Otherwise the notifications may get sent to your customer's spam inbox.


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