Strikingly Email: Creating Custom Email Addresses

Personalized email addresses make you look more professional and take your email campaign to a whole new level. With a personalized address, you'll have your own email so you don't have to worry about your site visitors, current customers, and potential leads receiving generic emails from, or other free email services. Take a look at the steps in creating a custom email:


To set up an email address, you need a custom domain from Strikingly (Registering Domains with Strikingly or Transferring Domains To Strikingly). Once you have a domain, log in to your Strikingly account and follow these steps:


1. Go to your Strikingly Dashboard

2. Go to "Emails" and click "ADD EMAIL ACCOUNT". 


3. Fill in the necessary information.

  • On the account name, email addresses can only contain letters, numbers, periods, and hyphens. Other special characters are not supported.
  • You can edit your email account name later. 

4. Click "PURCHASE EMAIL ACCOUNT"  - You will be billed immediately. 

5. Your email will be initially set to pending status as our system creates your email address.

6. After a few minutes, your email will be ready and login information will be sent to your selected email address.

7. Go to your email address you entered during registration. The email will contain the following:

  • Login URL
  • Email Account/Username
  • Password (system generated for your security)


You can find the login URL from your Email dashboard as well.



This is what the webmail looks like. 


Note: Strikingly Email currently offers only one theme, and it cannot be changed.


You can also use an email client to send and receive your email:

If you'd like to receive all emails sent to your MyStrikingly email to your other inbox, you can set up email forwarding


More about Strikingly Emails:


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