Adding a Product

Adding a product to the Simple Store is incredibly easy! Get started by adding the Simple Store section to your page. Click "Store" and select the green “Add New Product” button.



Adding Product Information

On the product editor, you can set the product type, name, description, image, and more.

To add images, click the “UPLOAD IMAGE” button and pick up images from your local disk or “UPLOADED IMAGES”. You can upload up to 10 images for every product.


Managing Product Images

To replace an image, hover the mouse over the image, click on replace icon, then pick another image from your local disk or uploaded images panel.

You can set any image as a cover image by clicking the Set as Cover Image button (the image icon).



Getting the Product URL

You can copy the product URL from the top right corner of the product editor and share it with your customers directly, or you can share the product URL on social media to drive more traffic to your online store.

Note: The product URL will appear after you save the product and edit it again. 


Pricing & Stock Options

In Pricing & Stock Options, you can set the price and inventory for your product. You can also add product options, like size or color.

If you have color or sizing options for your product, click on the “ADD OPTION” button to add more product options.

Tip: If you want to change the currency for your pricing, you can go to Store Settings > Payments & Currency > Store Currency, and then select the right currency for your store.


Managing Inventory

The inventory amount is set as Unlimited by default; you can change the number according to your inventory status.

*Tip: You will get an email notification if your stock runs low.


Adding Product Categories

Click here to see how to add categories for your products. 


Shipping Option

If you're selling a physical product you need to ship, check off the “Shipping info required from your customer” option to collect your customer's address.

*Tip: You can set up shipping rates for different regions in the Store > Shipping. If you don’t have to collect the shipping address from your customers, make sure the shipping option is unchecked so your customers don’t have to fill out the shipping address in the checkout flow.

Detailed Product Page Description

To add a Product Page Description, go to the Store Manager, click on a product to edit, and scroll down to the “Product Page Description” section. Check the “Show detailed description on the product page.” option, then add text and images to the input field below. You can add up to 10 images for a product.

After setting up the Product Page Description, it will be shown in the "More Details" section on the product page.


Launch Your Product

After you're finished uploading your product information, be sure to hit "SAVE" to launch your product!


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