Simple Store Product Categorization

Simple Store categorization is a feature that provides your visitors with an easy way to navigate and discover your Simple Store products. You can group products into different categories and display store categories in the Simple Store section navigation.


Adding Categories to Simple Store

To add and manage product categories (up to 50), go to the Store, then click [CATEGORIES]. You can add, rename, delete, or reorder categories in this panel. Take a look at the steps below to add a product category to your store.


To add categories to your store, click [ADD NEW CATEGORY].


Adding Products to Categories

After you’ve set up the categories, go back to your product manager to group your products into the categories.

Select a product to edit, and under [PRODUCT CATEGORIES], select the category tag from the drop-down menu. You can add up to five category tags for each product.

Lastly, click [SAVE] to save your changes and select a different product to continue adding categories.


Displaying Store Categorizations

There are two store categorization display options - you can either show all your product categories in one Simple Store section like this:


Or you can choose to display one specific category for each Simple Store section like this:


To select which category you want to display in a Simple Store section, click on the dropdown list at the top right of your Simple Store section.


If you choose to display all product categories, a category navigation menu will appear at the top of the section.

If you choose to display one specific category for the store section, only products tagged with this category will be shown in the store section. This way, you can add multiple Simple Store sections to your sites.


If you have any questions or feedback for us about our Simple Store categories feature, please ping us at or chat with us!

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