Transaction Fees for Your Strikingly Store

Strikingly plans may have transaction fees for orders and recurring membership transactions that are billed online. These fees include payment gateway fees (vary based on the chosen payment gateway) and Strikingly transaction fees (varies based on the plan).


Q: What payment gateways can I use on supports multiple payment gateways, including Stripe, Square, PayPal, Taiwan Payment, and offline payments. You can find related articles below:

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Q: Are there any transaction fees associated with payment gateways on

Yes, certain payment gateways may have transaction fees, which can vary by region. You can visit your payment gateway provider's website for more information.


Q: What are the transaction fees for Stripe?

The transaction fees for Stripe differ based on your location. Please refer to Stripe's website or contact their support for detailed fee information.


Q: What are the transaction fees for PayPal?

PayPal transaction fees vary by location. You can review their documentation or reach out to PayPal support about their transaction fees.


Q: What are the transaction fees for Square?

Square's transaction fees vary depending on how the payment is made. Please refer to Square's article or contact their support.


Q: What are the transaction fees for offline payment methods? does not impose additional fees for offline payment methods. However, please note that the specific offline payment service you choose may have its transaction fees.


Q: Are there any additional fees charged by for using payment gateways? charges additional fees for using payment gateways except for VIP users, which vary based on your chosen plan. You can find information about transaction fees on your pricing page.


Q: When will I be charged for transaction Strikingly transaction fees?

Fees are deducted from your customers at the time of payment. 


Q: How are fees calculated for orders? Is it based on the total order amount?

Yes, fees are calculated based on the total amount your customer pays at checkout. This includes the price of the items, as well as any additional charges for shipping, taxes, and deductions from coupons.


Q: Will the payment gateway fees be refunded when a customer requests a refund via the Simple Store?
Refunds of processing fees vary between payment processors. For example:

  • Depending on your fee with Stripe, some fees may be associated with issuing refunds. The payment processing fees from the original charge are not returned. Read more about it.
  • PayPal, there are no fees to make the refund, but the PayPal processing fees you originally paid to receive the payment are not returned to you.

For other payment gateway providers, you can check their refund policy for the refund of fees.


Q: Will Strikingly refund the transaction fee to the user when a customer requests a refund via the Simple Store?
No, Strikingly does not refund the transaction fee in such cases.


Q: How do I manage payment gateway settings for my Strikingly store?

To manage payment gateway settings, log in to your Strikingly account, go to Site Settings, and find "Accept Payments". From there, you can configure the payment gateways. You can find more details here.



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