How to Set Up a Simple Store

Add your product. Connect to a payment gateway. Start selling. Building your eCommerce site is really that simple. Here's our guide to help get your initial shop set up in minutes.

Adding Your Product

First, click “Add New Product” button at the top to get started. Free users can list one product, Limited Users can list five, and Pro users can list up to 300 products. You can also sell physical products, services or digital products

Fill out your product name and description. We recommend keeping the description short and simple. Then, upload your product images. Select a cover image and reorder if necessary.

Set your price - don’t worry, you can change the currency in the SETTINGS > Accept Payments panel later if you’re not selling in USD.


If you’re selling different variations of your product, let's say different colors or sizes, add the product variations by clicking [ADD OPTION].


If you need to collect shipping address from your customers, be sure to check off the Shipping option here:


Hit [SAVE] and viola! You’ve listed your product.

Set Up Payment Options

Next, go to the SETTINGS panel, select [PAYMENT] to collect to your Stripe, PayPal and/or Square accounts. You’ll only need to enter your email address if you're connecting to PayPal. 


Note: Your store will not be live until you've set up your payment gateway. Your products will be displayed as "Coming Soon". 

Final Steps

After you've connected your payment gateway, your store is live! You can continue to tweak your Store settings and layouts but you're already set up to collect payments! Additional changes you can make for your store: 

Good luck with your store launch and let us know if you have any questions! 

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