Can I add Site Keywords?

No, because site meta keywords is an outdated option that’s actually useless for SEO, and in some cases can even hurt your search engine ranking.


Search engines, including Google, award higher rankings to website that have (1) relevant, reputable and high quality content; (2) high user satisfaction; and (3) are popular. In this scenario, meta keywords do not noticeably influence SEO rankings anymore.


In fact, if meta tags are abused, your websites can suffer from search engines’ punitive quality algorithm. Keyword-stuffing is an old SEO practice where a webmaster adds a lot of irrelevant keywords on websites in order to jack up their site rank in the search results. This makes the site all spammy and does not give relevant results to searchers. All search engines now ignore keywords in their ranking algorithm and some search engines even punish this by decreasing your ranking.


Instead, just focus on quality content. Adding useful and relevant content is the best way to get those “organic” visits. Nowadays, search engines are smart enough to know which sites have relevant content based on searchers’ keywords so it’s better for you to have “real” and unforced content.


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