Verifying Google Search Console and Submitting Sitemap

Google Search Console is a free service that helps your site be found on Google more quickly!


Before You Start


To verify Google Search Console and submit a sitemap:


Step 1: Get Your HTML Tag Code From Google

1. Sign in to Google Search Console.

2. On the "URL Prefix", enter your site URL. Like or


3. Click "CONTINUE".

4. Click "HTML tag" under "Other verification methods".


5. Click "COPY" to copy the meta tag code to somewhere.



6. Copy the code after "content", which marks in red (without quotation marks).

<meta name="google-site-verification" content="q5xUyxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx7g7gg" />

7. Leave the Google Search Console page open.



Step 2: Enter Your HTML Tag into Your Strikingly Site

1. Go to your Strikingly site editor, click "SETTINGS" > "Show Advanced" > "Services".

2. Put your HTML tag in the "Verify Google Webmaster Tool" box, such as "q5xUyxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx7g7gg".


3. Click "SAVE".

4. Publish your site.


Step 3: Complete Site Verification on Google

1. Return to Google Search Console.

2. Click "Verify".



If you see this error message, click "OK".


Click "HTML tag" under "Other verification methods" again.



Click "Verify" in 10 mins (Sometimes it takes up to 48 hours for the site to be verified).


3. You should be able to see the following message upon successful linking of your new property on Google Search Console.



If it's still failed, make sure:


4. Click "GO TO PROPERTY" to submit your sitemap.



Step 4: Submitting Your Sitemap to Google

1. Click "Sitemaps" from the menu on the left.



2. Type sitemap.xml in the text field.


3. Click Submit.

4. You will the "Sitemap submitted successfully" message.



If you see this error message, click "Couldn't fetch" and check the reason. 



This is usually your site prevents search engines to fetch. You can disable the "Hide from Search Engines" option. 


Next step:


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