Troubleshooting: Site is Down

Follow these troubleshooting steps if your site isn't loading, to get your site back online.


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Check your account status

If your site was working fine and it shows "This website is under construction". It might be your site is taken down due to a failed payment.

1. Go to your account page and check what's the beginning date:



2. Go to your invoice page (My account page > View invoices) and check if you paid the invoice. 



Check your domain status

1. Sign in to your domain registrar.

2. Check if your domain has expired. 

3. Check if the domain is set up correctly by using our guide


If you registered a domain through Strikingly:

  • Verify your domain if you recently purchased it. If the domain isn't verified within 15 days, it will be temporarily suspended, and the site will be down.
  • Check if your domain has expired. If it is expired, contact us at or chat with us.
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