Live Site Error: "Your connection is not private/secure"

After you set up your domain, it takes a few up to 48 hours for the domain records to take effect globally. Once it's done, HTTPS/SSL will be automatically activated within 24 hours. 

During this time, you might see an error when you use HTTPS:// to visit your website. For example: 

  • Your connection is not private - Google Chrome
  • Your connection is not secure - Mozilla Firefox
  • There is a problem connecting securely to this website - Microsoft Edge.

If you still see the error for more than 48 hours, you can try the troubleshooting steps below.



1. Check if your domain is configured correctly. 

  • The record type you selected is "CNAME". 
  • You changed the example records to your own domain name. For example:
    • Your domain is, the value should be:
    • Your domain is, the value should be:
    • Your domain is, the value should be:


2. Check if you are using A record for your root domain. 

If you use forwarding for your root domain, then it will not have HTTPS/SSL. You can set up an A record instead. 

1) Delete your current forwarding. 

2) Add an A record pointing to



If you have other A Records in your account:

  • Host: @ - delete it if it's not pointing to
  • Host: blank - delete. 
  • Host: Mail or Email - do not delete. This is for your email service. 


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