Fixing Error Message: "Your connection is not private"

My site has been labelled malware / dangerous / spam / blocked!

April 16th UPDATE!
Now that Strikingly's urls are (rather than your SEO and branding are improved!
If you are still getting a "dangerous" error message, follow the guidelines below and let us know.

Work networks often use networks of web security programs to determine which websites can be viewed from within the company. Since Strikingly hosts a number of websites, we sometimes have to contact specific providers to make sure that a specific site is safe! If this has happened to you.

1. Make sure your domain is properly connected!
You can use this checklist to do so. This helps us make sure there are no other issues with the network or your site.

2. Make sure you have your descriptions filled out properly.
Go to "settings" tab 2 to make sure you have good keywords and descriptions for your site. Some descriptions can be seen as "spammy." Here are more tips on SEO!

3. Make sure that you're typing HTTP and not HTTPS.
When you type in your site URL, you type it as and NOT (unless you have SSL setup for your site). If your browser defaults to https, clear your browsing history and cache before pulling up your site again. 

4. Contact!
Make sure to include as many details as possible, include your URL, where you found out that your site has been mislabelled, if you're using a work or private network, any emails or PDFs used to notify you, any websites or contact persons you may have, etc. We'll call them to make sure this is resolved soon!


If your website is marked as Spyware by Dyn Internet Guide
This is most likely caused by a known issue with how Dyn categorized new websites. Dyn uses Barracuda Network to categorize websites. Sometimes if the website is too new, by default, it was marked ask Spyware. This has caused a lot of confusion. To fix it, simply submit your website to Barracuda here.

In case you need assistance, shoot us a line at or chat with us.

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