The Audience Plan


The Audience Plan is an add-on plan in Strikingly that supercharges your audience engagement! An Audience Plan allows you to:

  • Add Live Chat to your site (learn more)
  • Accept more Membership Registrations on your site, including Paid Subscription Memberships (learn more)
  • Send more Newsletters & emails to your audience members


What is an Active Contact?

Pricing for the Audience Plan works via a sliding scale, depending on how many active contacts you'd like in your account. Active contacts are the sum total of:

  • the Live Chats across your sites in the current calendar month
  • the number of unique contacts that you send emails to (via newsletters and 1-on-1 messaging) in a given calendar month
  • the number of membership registrations across your sites


  • Active contacts do not include contact form submissions, email form submissions, Simple Store customers. You can always have an unlimited number of these!
  • Active contacts do not count messages you send. You can send as many messages as you want, but please be aware that spamming your audience too often will result in poor email deliverability and may hurt your site's reputation.
  • Without an Audience Plan, Pro users can have up to 100 active contacts, and VIP users can have up to 2000 active contacts.
  • You can see your current active contacts at the bottom of the Audience tab of your dashboard.


How Do I Upgrade?

Note: The Audience Plan is only available if you're already on a paid plan on Strikingly (Pro or Limited). Pricing starts at $10/month, and scales up as you need more active contacts.

To upgrade to an Audience Plan, click here!

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