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NOTE: You can only send up to 100 active contacts per month as a trial to the Newsletter system. If you need more, you can upgrade to VIP to send up to 2,000 contacts each month or add an Audience Plan to your existing plan. Upgrade to VIP here or upgrade to Audience Plan on the following links.

To learn more about the Audience Plan, active contacts, and how they power Newsletters, click here.

How do Strikingly Newsletters work?

Our Newsletter feature lets you send emails to your contacts collected through your website forms (Contact/Sign up form, blog subscription form, Simple Store sales), as well as contacts imported manually. There are two ways to get to it:

  1. From your Strikingly dashboard, click on the "Newsletter" tab. 


  2. From your site editor, go to Settings > Promotion > Newsletter. 



The Audience page lists all your sites' form responses in one convenient place, where you can manage conversations in an inbox style. Once you've collected form responses from your site, you can send them all a newsletter to engage with your audience and get them to return to your site! You can start by clicking on the "Send a Newsletter" button. 



How to compose your newsletter:

Directly type in the editor to add content to your newsletter! Add text, buttons, images, and links.


Note: If you want to add an event to your newsletter or any other links, you can highlight any piece of text and click the chain-link icon to add a hyperlink. Or you can edit the button and link it to your event link.


Selecting recipients

If you like to send your newsletter to a certain group of contacts (buyers from your store, blog subscribers, etc.), you can set the recipients using filters. Make sure to click the "Apply" button. 


Note: You can only choose the recipients depending on the site and source. Manual selection of contacts is not possible at this time. 


After editing your newsletter, you have the following options to choose from:

  • Send test email - You can use this option to send a test newsletter to your personal email. This lets you see how the actual newsletter looks.

  • Save As Draft - If you're not done editing yet, you can save what you've created so you can work on it later. 

  • Send Newsletter Now - When your newsletter is ready, you can use this option to send it out to your list. 


Note: To have a higher deliverability rate for your newsletter, make sure to authenticate your email by following this guide



Q: How can I fix my Newsletter being flagged as spam?
It's unfortunate that your newsletter was tagged as spam. To address this issue, please try the following:
  1. Set up DKIM authentication for your domain email. DKIM helps establish the authenticity of your emails and improves deliverability.
  2. Use a spam checker tool to analyze your email content, like Mailmeteor's free spam checker.


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