Add Membership to Your Website!


Allow free or paid registrations on your site, and create members-only pages! This is a huge update and lets you do so much more with your Strikingly site.


Membership Requirements

  • Pro or VIP plan. If you're on the Pro plan, you can use the membership feature and add up to 100 members. On the other hand, the VIP plan allows you to add up to 2000 members. If you need more members, get an Audience plan on top of your Pro/VIP plan. 
  • Multiple Pages. After you activate membership, you'll be able to create members-only pages. You'll need to activate Multiple Pages to do so.
  • Audience Plan (optional). An Audience Plan is an add-on plan, added on top of any Pro or VIP plan, that expands the total memberships you can accept. It lets you adjust the audience size that's appropriate for your business. To learn more about the Audience Plan and how it powers the Membership feature, click here.


Activating Membership for Your Website

Once you can activate live chat, go to your Site Editor > Settings > Membership, and click "Activate Membership". 


Your default login URL, once membership is activated, will be


Select Registration Method

You can control how your site visitors can become members on your website. You have three options:

1. Allow anyone to register (Free Membership). Anyone who visits your website can freely sign up to become a member.

2. Paid Subscription Membership. A visitor must pay a monthly free to become a member! Great for selling content or an ongoing service. Members will be billed automatically each month. View more details here:

3. Buy any product to register. Anyone who purchases a product on your store will receive membership. If you don't have a store, this option will not be available. 

4. Buy specific product(s) to register. Anyone who purchases the selected product(s) will receive membership. If you don't have a store, this option will not be available. 


Setting Up Members-Only Pages

A member-only page will be your own secure page for your members. You can tie specific product(s) to selected member page(s) this way. You need to have multi-page activated to use this feature!  

To setup member pages, go to your Page Manager and select which page you want to set as members-only.


1. On your site editor, click Manage. 



2. Click the gear icon of the page that you want to set as members-only. Select the products and hit "Save".



You can set up existing pages as members-only or you can start with a new page. All sections will be available for you to add!

Pro Tip: If you're going to setup tiered membership, say Regular and Advanced. You can set up Advanced users to access both pages for Advanced members and Regular members while limiting Regular users to access only Regular members. 


Managing Your Members

As the site owner, you will have the power to manage your own members, and invite old contacts to become members. 


Inviting Old Contacts to Become Members

To invite old contacts to become members, go to your Audience tab. 

1. Select the contact that you want to invite. 

2. Click the Member Options button and select "Grant Membership".

This step will automatically send a welcome email to your selected contact! It will contain the username (their email address) and a randomly generated password. They can change it later on their account settings. 


Managing Existing Members

 For your existing members, you have the power to:

1. Reset their password. Clicking this option will send a password reset email to your selected contact. The password is randomly generated but they can change it after they log in. '

2. Suspend/unsuspend membership. When you suspend members, they will not be able to log in. They will also not be notified that they are suspended. 

3. Delete membership. You can delete specific members and they will not be able to log in. They need to register/purchase products again if they want to gain access to members-only content from your website. 

4. Change Membership Access. After you grant membership, you can set and modify the pages that your members can access. 


Member Login

When you activate Membership on your site, your site visitors should see a login/register button. 



Note: You will only see the register option if you activate "Allow anyone to register" on your membership. Otherwise, your site visitors will only see "Login". 

Once they logged in, your site members can:

  • Update their account info. They can change their name, email and update their password.  
  • View their order history. Your site visitors can view all their orders from your website. 


Did you know? 


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