How To Import Contacts Manually

Using the Audience feature, you can add contacts one by one using manual entry, or by bulk using a CSV file with predefined header columns.


Add contact by Manual Entry

  1. In the "Audience" page, click GET MORE USERS > Manual Entry

  2. Fill in the necessary details, and hit "Save".

  3. New entry will appear on the "Import" contacts list.


Add contacts by Importing CSV (comma separated values) file.

  1. In the "Audience" page, click GET MORE USERS > Import from CSV.

  2. Upload your CSV file. 

    Note: Your CSV file containing your contacts must have predefined header columns. To know the header columns/format, click the "View format" sample link on the import screen. This will download a sample pre-formatted CSV file.

  3. Wait until the file is uploaded successfully.

  4. New entries will appear on the "Import" contact list


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