Sell Your Online Courses with Membership

You can sell online courses using Strikingly's powerful Membership feature, which is available for Pro and VIP users.

The Membership feature allows you to restrict page access to only those members who purchased certain membership tiers or items from your site's store. This means you can sell a course using Strikingly's Simple Store, then create a page that is only visible to customers who bought that specific course.

Note: There are two ways to create a membership course: a one-time payment, or a recurring payment. This walkthrough guides you on how to set up a one-time payment membership. For a recurring payment membership, please see this guide.


The Final Result:

Check out this sample site:

This site offers 3 courses:
1. Social Media Marketing
2. Effective SEO Techniques 2019
3. Bundle Promo

If you purchase Social Media Marketing, your access is limited to that course only. The same is true for Effective SEO Techniques. However, if you purchase the Bundle Promo, you will both have access to the Social Media Marketing Course page and the Effective SEO Techniques page.

Test out how it works by logging in to the site!

Access limited to Effective SEO Techniques course:
Initial Password: zJbp4cm3gLFSYWj8

Bundle Promo Access:
Initial Password: I4fCaX5T7ZzIGR7N


You can do the same! Follow these steps:

Set Up Your Store

You can use an existing site or create a new one.

1. On your site editor, add a new section and select "Simple Store" from the section list. 


2. Set up your courses by adding products. Each product can correspond to one course. You can select the "Service" product type.


Activate the membership feature

When you're done setting up products, you are now ready to activate the membership feature! To do that, go to your Site Editor > Audience > Membership. Under Registration Method, choose "Grant Membership to Store Customers" and click "Next". Then, select the online courses that you set up earlier. 




After setting up your membership, you can now proceed to set up your members page where you can add your content for each course. 


Create your members page

You should have multiple pages activated before you can set up your member-specific page.

1. If you haven't activated multi-pages yet, click "Activate Multiple Pages" from Settings > Multiple Pages.


2. If you have activated that on your site already, click the "Create a members-only page" from the Membership settings page. 



3. Set up your new member's page name. Type the name of your new page. This new page will house the content for your course.


In this example, let's use "Learn the Basics" as the page name. 




4. Click the gear icon beside your new members' page, and set it as "members-only".




5. On the next window, select "Only registered members who purchased a specific product." Tie it to the course (product) that you want.




With this setting, only users who purchased "Online Course #1", will have access to the page "Learn the Basics" that you set up. You can set up different members' pages and tie them to different courses! 


Pro Tip: You can set up bundled courses and get anyone who purchases them access to two or more different members-only pages!


1. Set up a bundle course on your store. 




2. Tie course (product) to member pages it should have access to (bundled courses). 




What this setting means is that anyone who purchases the Spring Bundle Promo! and Online Course #1 will have access to the "Learn the Basics" page. 

You don't have to set up a different members page for the "Spring Bundle Promo" product because you are offering two existing content into one course (or product). 


3. Add your content. The new member page that you created is empty. You can add videos, text, downloadable files, and more!  




  • If you're going to add YouTube videos, make sure that these videos are set to "Unlisted". This way, only people who have the link will have access to your site and it will not be searchable on YouTube. 
  • All files (PDF, documents, sheets, etc) that you upload on your members-only page will be secured. If anyone tries to access it via a direct link, it will not be accessible. 


Test out your new website!

When you activate a membership on your site, we automatically create a test account so you can see what your site looks like to a member. To test different membership tiers, you can select a tier for your test account. Then, when you log into your live site using this test account, you'll see your site as if you're a member of that tier.





Did you know?

You can drive repeat customers using Strikingly's membership feature + coupons. Check out how to do that here!


Questions? Feel free to send us an email or chat with us! 


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