Wix Subdomains

Subdomains allow you add a Strikingly site while keeping your current site and domain -- by using subdomain.yourdomain.com! You can build pages for a new product launch, event, hiring and more.

This guide walks you through the process of hooking up your Wix subdomain to your Strikingly site.

You can send this link to your domain registrar support if you need help or if you'd like us to connect your domain for you, send us the info here!

A. Do this on your Strikingly site editor:

Go to you site editor and click Settings > Domains. Set your desired domain on the custom domain box, such as "info.yourdomain.com". Then click "Update."

Note: info.yourdomain is just an example.

Notes: Make sure to type your subdomain in lowercase to avoid the "Page not found" error when accessing your site.

B. To set up your Wix domain, follow the instructions below:

1. Login to your Wix account, mouse over the "person icon" at the top left and click "Domains".


2. In the "My Domains" page, click the drop-down button inline with the domain you'd like to create a subdomain for. Then select "Advanced".


3. Scroll down to the "DNS Records" section and click the "Edit DNS" button.

4. Set up the CNAME for the subdomain that you'd like by clicking on "+Add another". Then edit the one at the most bottom in the list of CNAMEs.

CNAME (Aliases): Host - info.yourdomain.com (this is an example)
Points to - info.yourdomain.com.s.strikinglydns.com (Format should be site URL + .s.strikinglydns.com)
TTL - 1 Hour


Once done, click the "Save DNS" button at the top-right corner of the page.


5. That's it and you're done adding a subdomain!

Please note that it takes up to 24-48 hours before your new settings kick in (DNS requires some time to propagate). Check back after a few hours and see if your site is up! Be sure to clear your browser cache when you check to see if the domain is working.

If your site doesn't go online after 48 hours, contact support@strikingly.com or chat with us and include a screenshot of your subdomain settings so we can help!

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