Standard Troubleshooting Steps (When Everything Stops Working)

Has your site editor stopped working?
Did your image uploading got stuck at uploading?
Did your site stopped working and just won't load?
Do you feel like something is wrong?

Before you say it's a bug, try the following steps first:

1. FORCE REFRESH your page (live site only, not applicable for site editor) -- to make sure that the site loading or the process is not affected by a full cache. 

Windows: CTRL + SHIFT + F5

Mac/Apple: Apple + SHIFT + R or COMMAND + SHIFT + R

Linux: SHIFT+ F5

2. Use an INCOGNITO WINDOW or PRIVATE BROWSING WINDOW -- to make sure that certain browser extensions don't affect the process or the site you are loading.

Chrome: SHIFT + Command + N (Mac); CTRL + SHIFT + N (Windows)

Firefox: SHIFT + Command + P (Mac); CTRL + SHIFT + P (Windows)

3. Flush your DNS CacheHere's how. (You can do this for live site issues, not for site editor or dashboard issues.) 

4. Try a DIFFERENT BROWSER -- you usually need to use update browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Safari. Internet Explorer usually yields different site issues when used. Try to toggle between the 3 previously mentioned browsers if you feel like something is not right with your site.

If you've done everything and still you're getting the issue. Drop us a line at and let us know what you get when you go to the following:

Let us know more about what's happening! In case you need assistance, shoot us a line at or chat with us.

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