Hide & Remove from Google / Search

Can I hide my site from Google/Search? Can I remove it after it has been indexed? How do I remove an image that shows up in search?

You can hide your page from Google and other search engines by enabling the "Hide from Search Engine" feature. Go to Settings -> Advanced -> Privacy & Legal and tick "Hide from Search Engine". Click "Update" to make sure you save the changes. If your page has already been indexed by a search engine, it may take about 2 days for it to disappear.


Remove from Google after being Indexed

If you already show up in Google search and don't want to, you can remove a page from Google by following this link -- this involves the use of Webmaster's Tool. Once you get your site removed from the index, it will take another 2-3 days to add it back.

You should also try the hiding methods we have for unpublishing. Email support@strikingly.com if you're having trouble!

Remove image from Google Search

Follow this tutorial to remove an image from Google Search. You can also follow the instructions for removing content that is not "yours." Google will get back to you soon!

If removal is urgent, you should also email support@strikingly.com with the image link and ask that we delete the image from our servers. Some images stay in the servers for a period of time even after the site is deleted. 

In case you need assistance, shoot us a line at support@strikingly.com or chat with us.

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