Unpublish Website

How do I unpublish my website?

Unpublishing your site only requires three clicks. Pretty easy? Here's how:

1. Go to your dashboard (you need to be logged in). 

2. Click the gear icon under the name of the site that you want to unpublish. 

3. Select "Unpublish." 

4. Confirm your action by clicking "Confirm Unpublish."

That's it, and you're done! Your site is now unpublished. 


  • Unpublishing your site means it won't be viewable by anyone. 
  • Your site may still come up on Google Search. It usually takes up to a few days before Google re-indexes your site, but don't worry! If anyone clicks on your site's URL, they will see a page warning: "This page is currently under construction."
  • If you have a domain connected to your unpublished site, it will still be connected should you decide to publish the site again. 


In case you need assistance, email us at support@strikingly.com or chat with us.


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