Show / Hide Sections in Navigation Menu


How do I hide sections from the navigation menu? 


On a single page, the text you see in the navigation menu is determined by the left-hand sidebar. If you click on any of your section names, you'll see that you can:

  1. Select the section name you'd like to hide.
  2. Click the gear icon beside the highlighted section name. Untick "Show in navigation" to hide it from the navigation menu.

If you want, you can hide all the sections and just display your logo/image in the menu!


How can I include external links in my navigation menu?

Below the list of sections on the left panel, you can see a space for "external links." You can use these to link to your store, blog, or a totally different page and have the name in your menu! To do this, you need to:

1. Click "Add new link".

2. Type in any name you want for your site viewers to click on, and paste your URL in the "Link URL" field.

3. Make sure to delete any external links you don't want by clicking "x"! 


If your website is a multiple-page site, you can access the navigation menu settings by clicking on "Manage" next to "Pages."

From there, you will find the option to add new external links.


How can I add a section name to my navigation menu on a multiple-page site?

  1. Select the section name you'd like to display in the navigation menu.
  2. Click the gear icon beside the highlighted section name, check the "Show in navigation" checkbox to enable it.

The section name will be displayed after the current page name. Please note its order cannot be changed. However, if you wish to reorder the section name, you can achieve this by using the "Link to Specific Section".



  • These links only show up when you have a menu! If you don't have a menu, try linking to text/images in the body of the site.
  • By clicking on "Add new link", the default URL added is Facebook.


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