Add Links / Link Images

How and where can I add links to my site?



There are three places you can add links:

  1. If you're in a text box and you're editing some text, you can highlight a piece of text and click the "Link" icon at the upper part of the text box. (Looks like a little chain link.) This will open up a dialog where you can input a link URL.

    For example, if you want the visitor to click on "subtitle" and go to, you would put "subtitle" in the text box, highlight it, click the "Link"/chain-link icon, and put or in the pop-up window.


  2. Most images allow for links attached to them too. Simply click the image and hit "Add Link". A text box will then appear for you to input a URL.


  3. You can also add external links to your main navigation. Below the section listing, you can "Add External Link". These links will show up in your navigation menu.



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