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Can I link a specific section of my site? Where do my links go?

Yes! Click this link:
You'll notice it goes automatically to the 7th section titled "Style your site" on the page.

Note: These used to appear automatically in the address bar when scrolling, but we have disabled them because they affect other parts of the site.

How do I link a specific section by name?

  1. Go to your site editor. 
  2. Figure out the section name of the section you want by using the left hand panel. 
  3. Converting it. Punctuation is ignored and hyphens are added, such that section "Who are we?" becomes "who-are-we"
  4. Add it to your link. If you have a custom domain, then add #who-are-we, after your domain. For example: If you have no domain connected, then it will be or 
  5. Send that link to friends -- this is a good way to let users "jump" down to a later section on your page. 
    • If you are linking to a section on the SAME PAGE, you can simply put the latter part (just "#2" or "#who-we-are" "#section-name" in the "url:" box when linking text or images! 

How do I link a specific section by number?

You can also link to a section by number! Just use to go to the second section, or if you don't have a domain connected. 


  • Be careful! You do not need the "s/pages/" or "/edit" part in your link -- if you have this, it's because you are looking at the site inside the editor, rather than looking at the live site. 

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