Adding Background Videos

Adding a video background to a section is quick and easy! Here's our quick tutorial
Can I add a background to a video section?
Not all sections of your page can include a background image or video - this is to keep sections clean, balanced, and easy to read.
Will the videos play on mobile devices? 

Video backgrounds will not play on mobile (phones and tablets) because different OS developers intentionally disabled autoplay on mobile devices in order to protect user’s bandwidth.
Instead, the thumbnail of the video (the one shown on YouTube and Vimeo previews) will be shown in the background. To learn how you can change your video thumbnail:

Why does my video show up with a dark filter?

We placed a dark overlay over the video so your text appears with better contrast. 
How do I get rid of the ads in the video? 

If the video is yours (i.e. you're uploading your own Youtube / Vimeo videos), you will-have to "demonetize" your content. Click here to learn how. If you are using someone else's videos, there's no way to get rid of the video ads / popups. 
Why can't I hear sound in the video I uploaded? 

The feature is only meant to be a visual background, and not a full width video section.
How many background videos can I add to my page? 
We recommend adding no more than 3 background videos per page to avoid slowing down the site load speed for your visitors. 
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