Fix Error When Uploading Videos

If you're getting a "URL is invalid" message when you try to upload your Vimeo or Youtube video, not to worry. There's a simple explanation.  The video URL uploader accepts video inks in a specific format- you need to modify your video's . URL to the proper format see how below:


Determine your video to Vimeo's ID, go to the video's page and look for the numbers that come after the slash (/). 

Underlined in red is the video ID. The Strikingly video background upload accepts vimeo URLs in the following formats:

In the following examples, (*) represents the name of the channel and (XXXXXXX), the video ID. 

  • XXXXXXX  (This is the most prefered and common video URL)
  •*/videos/ XXXXXXX


Your Youtube video's ID is the sequence of letters and numbers after "v ="

eg video URL: 
the code after v = is the video ID In this example:    Q-G59dzN-ZO 

Please revise your video's URL into this format again ( XXXXXXX) represents the video ID. XXXXXXX)

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