Strikingly Domain: Free Offer / Domain Credit

All Yearly plans, including 2 Years, 3 Years, and 5 Years are eligible for one free custom domain (worth $24.95) for the first year. 



  • This offer is valid within the first year of signing up or changing to an eligible plan. One account only has one free domain offer. 
  • If you register your domain during the free trial or Free plan, you will be charged for the domain. After the trial ends, the $24.95 credit will be deducted from your total plan price (for the first Yearly plan). 
  • You can view the domain credit on your Pricing page when you are on a Yearly plan (or above) for the first year. It will not show on the Monthly plan.




  • After the first year of domain service, your domain will renew at US$24.95 or more per year. The exact pricing depends on which top-level domain (TLD) extension you choose, such as .com, .org, or .net. This policy applies to eligible domains registered on or after September 21, 2018.
  • If you downgrade to a monthly plan at any point during your free domain year, you forfeit your eligibility for this free domain offer. You'll be charged US$24.95 for the domain.
  • If you cancel your Yearly plan, you forfeit your eligibility for this free domain offer. 


If you want to register your free domain now, go to your site editor, click SETTINGS > Domains, and click "REGISTER NEW DOMAIN". You will see this if you are eligible for one free custom domain (worth $24.95) for the first year. Visit Strikingly Domain: Buy & Register Your Own Custom Domain to know more.




  • The domain fee is charged on top of the web hosting plan. You can only get a free domain if you subscribe to our yearly plan. 
  • We can offer a free domain for the yearly plans but web hosting is paid. 


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