Canceling Account / Canceling Plan / Removing Premium Features

Questions about canceling account/plan:



How do I delete my entire account?

We can delete free accounts for free users with zero sites. Please cancel your plan, delete all your sites, and read this: Closing your Strikingly Account. Contact us at or chat with us


How do I change plans?

To change your plan, check out this article! Features that are not in your new plan (if you're moving from Pro to Limited) will automatically be removed.

If you're having trouble, email us or click the help widget, send us a message, and we'll help you change/cancel your plan.


Can I cancel my trial plan/subscription?

Yes, you can. By doing this, the premium features or the existing plan features you have will be stripped off from your sites. You can cancel or change plans on your My Account page - Steps on how to cancel the plan


How do I cancel after my trial period?

You can cancel or change plans on your My Account page - Steps on how to cancel the plan

If you bought or claimed a domain, you will be able to keep the rights to your domain, and the registration fee will not be refunded. You can continue managing your domains from your Domains page

Unfortunately, we don't allow refunds. If you're having trouble or want more information, please send us a message


What are the steps to cancel my plan?

1. Revert to the free plan, click "Cancel Plan" on your My Account page



2. It will then route you to another window and a pop-up chat will appear. Click on the "No chatting please, I really want to cancel.." prompt to display at the bottom of the page.



3. Confirm the cancelation by clicking the "Confirm Cancel Plan" button:


4. Follow the cancelation prompts on the succeeding pages. 

Please note that when you can cancel all the premium features of your site will be stripped off. 



What are the premium features?

When you downgrade, the following premium features will be stripped off your sites:

  • Extra sites. You can publish unlimited sites regardless of what plan you're in. Limited plans give you 2 Limited sites (sites with domains) and the Pro plan will allow you to have 3 Pro sites (sites with Pro features). If you have a one-click site, it's not counted against this limit. 
  • Custom domain. Domains and subdomains connected to your sites will be disconnected and they will be reverted to have the former/default Strikingly URL i.e. 

Do not worry about deleting APPS or the Pro Sections (such as the slider)! They will automatically be hidden as you downgrade. Some apps, like Mailchimp, are Pro-only apps, and HTML sections are always Pro-only. Other apps are available for all users.

  • (Pro) Strikingly branding. The Strikingly branding will now be visible again on the footer of each site.
  • (Pro) Custom Code. All custom CSS code and Javascript in Header and Footer code settings will be removed on all sites.
  • (Pro) Privacy. Passwords on sites will be removed automatically.
  • (Pro) Mobile Actions
  • (Pro) Social Feed (Facebook Page). The social feed for the Facebook Page you manage will automatically be removed from the Social Feed section.
  • (Pro) Multiple-page. Multiple page sites will be converted to a single page, retaining the home page. Other pages will be removed.
  • (Pro) Slider section.
  • (Pro) HTML, MailChimp (from the App Store & HTML section). These integrated features will be hidden from the live site.
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