Add Photo Collections to Your Strikingly Site

Adding photo collections or photo categories to your Strikingly site allows you to organize and showcase your work in a visually appealing manner. This article will show the different sections and features you can utilize to create stunning photo collections on your Strikingly site.


Banner Slider or Slider Section

The Banner Slider and Slider Section are powerful features available to PRO/VIP users for creating captivating photo collections on your Strikingly site.

The Banner Slider is a swipeable and linkable image slider that highlights promotional materials and captivating background images. It allows you to showcase your work in a visually engaging way, with multiple slides.

The Slider Section lets you combine text, images, and buttons with your photos. Like the Banner Slider, it supports multiple slides and offers different layout options. This feature enables you to create visually appealing showcases that combine text and visuals effectively.


Gallery Section

Use gallery sections to display your photo collections in visually appealing layouts on your Strikingly site. With a range of design options and layouts to choose from, you can create unique looks for each set of images.

You can create multiple gallery sections to categorize your photos, or you can use the Portfolio section from below for a comprehensive showcase of your photo categories and projects.


Portfolio Section

The Portfolio section allows you to create a showcase of your photo projects and categories in one place. It provides an advanced display of images, with each item having its own dedicated page for showcasing more details.

With the Portfolio section, you can present your work in a professional and organized manner, making it easier for visitors to explore and engage with your photo projects.


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