Using the Slider Section

The slider section is an animated section available for PRO users - you can add multiple slides and change up the look of the slider by selecting different layouts.


Here's how you can add the Banner Slider section:

1. Go to the Site Editor > Add New Section > Image and Video > Banner Slider.

2. Click the "Image & Link" button to see the options to upload or edit an image.

3. To add more slides, click the "Slider" > "+Add Slide". You can also set the transition, autoplay, and
re-order the slides in the section. You can click and drag the slides from the slider menu, then re-arrange them in the order you'd like them displayed.

Note: You can add up to 20 slides in each section.

To add the Text+Button Slider section, you can follow these steps:

1. Go to the site editor > Add New Section > Call to Action.

2. Feel free to change the layout, background, slides, and more!

3. Don't forget to "Publish" when you're done editing your site!

If you have more questions about the slider section, email us at or chat with us.

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