Banner Image Slider

For PRO Users, the banner section is a swipeable and linkable image slider - perfect for promotional materials and heavily designed background images. 

Unlike the Text and Button Slider, you cannot place any text, image, or button components in the banner image slider. 



How to Use the Banner Imager Slider?
Upload an image that is heavily designed as the background image of the slider. In our example, the image already has the text and call-to-action button included within the image itself.

After uploading your image as the background, you can add a link to the slider to make the entire slider clickable. 



Frequently Asked Questions


What are the recommended dimensions for the Banner Slider image?
We recommend uploading an image that's 1600 pixels wide by 600 pixels - but the section height expands and collapses to the height of the image you upload. 

*Note: It's best to use the exact dimensions for all the images uploaded into the banner section. 


How many banner slides can I add?
You can add up to 20 slides for each banner section.

How will the banner slider look on mobile devices?
The banner image will resize automatically to show the entire banner image - so it's best to upload images where the text isn't too small to optimize for mobile visitors.


Can I make a site completely out of banner image sliders?
Yes, you can, but we discourage this practice. Although the banner section gives you a lot of flexibility in how you can design a section, creating a site entirely of banner sections will be bad for your site's search engine ranking because search engines won't be able to find text on your site.


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