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Import / Convert my current site? Angela Ognev 1 条评论 8
Light & Dark Theme Versions Christine de la Garza 1 条评论 0 已完成
Scheduling feature for Publish button Angela Ognev 0 条评论 16
Add Autoresponder to Strikingly's Contact Froms Angela Ognev 8 条评论 26 已完成
Remove Strikingly branding from notification emails for Pro users Happiness Officer 5 条评论 17 已完成
Font size WITHIN one text box Angela Ognev 6 条评论 34 已回答
A auto-translate multilingual button so users around the world can read in their own language greg 5 条评论 14
Web Developer / Agency / Freelancer plan Scott Dawley 4 条评论 21 已完成
Able to include some code in texts or pictures Carliff Rizal Carleel 1 条评论 4
tumblr integration (instant rss, pull content from my tumblr etc) Hélène Pouille 1 条评论 8
Free Start-up Resources & Social Network Feature (for followers/community) Steven Leon 1 条评论 0 已完成
Wordpress blog integration (RSS, pull content automatically, etc) Jordan Malik / Inc. 22 条评论 33 已回答
Allow font sizes (change size via text box) Anonymous 1 条评论 6 已完成
Blogging on Strikingly (native blog section or feature) Leah N 6 条评论 27 已完成
horizontal sliders for images/content Angela Ognev 5 条评论 18
Create a template for weddings (more comments needed!) Anonymous 1 条评论 7 已回答
Spellchecker (or allow native spell checker to work) Eric 2 条评论 10
Async Page Loading Sameen Jalal 1 条评论 1 已完成
Image Size/Specification Sheets (guidelines for users) Chris Hopf 12 条评论 13 已完成
Inactive Section in Sidebar (or publish state / unpublish state) Chris Hopf 7 条评论 17 已完成
Add social media features/columns to ION & Perspective themes Flora Baculard 2 条评论 4 已完成
More sections on a site Anna Hurley 2 条评论 3 已完成
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Pricing section (new, like Strikingly's pricing page) Bradly Feeley 18 条评论 75 已计划
Change section type/layout after editing ntmunger 4 条评论 26 已完成
Pin It Button to share images on pinterest kt.thomas1127 1 条评论 12 已完成
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