A auto-translate multilingual button so users around the world can read in their own language

http://ackuna.com/pages/translate_this These guys have a great service, the design is not as good as strikingly, but the idea is great, even a poor machine translation is better than none. It may also be possible to add a improve this translation button also to the site so that the content becomes localised also without the owner needing to manage all this. Could be a great extra feature for Strikingly. Only 25% of the world speaks English so there is a massive global market that's not being serviced.

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    We've added a tutorial for google translate here. You can email support@strikingly.com if you need help! 3. Google Translate. If you weren't planning to write the text yourself and have Pro, you can add google translate to your site as an HTML embed. This would allow users to translate your entire site to their language by using a menu at the top, but the quality is not as consistent. --Get the code from Google translate --Go to "Settings" "Custom Code" and paste it into your header --Preview your live site http://support.strikingly.com/knowledgebase/articles/276844-multi-language-translations
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    Much like an integration to Google translate - would you consider an integration with Crowdin which would enable automated scenarios with their powerful APIs ?
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    Sites en multilangues
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    Multilingual option for sites
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    What would be nice is a service or a program that can take a world wide forum page and auto translate it into the users language settings and also posts that are made by any user would auto translate to some one in a different part of the world, in other words a forum would have no walls to being used by people using different languages, all would be automatic.