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I love using strikingly, but for certain project I have to switch to other website builders solely because you don't have drop down menus. Do you have those and I am just missing it?


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    Happiness Officer

    Hi everyone, thanks for your feedback we've just released this dropdown functionality to all Pro users. Check out our guide to enable the feature and let our Happiness team know if you have any questions!

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    Geraldine Gobert

    I definitely need drop down menu's.... i consider this as a basic feature and wonder why it's not already included?

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    Any update on the ability to have drop down menus. I would really enjoy this. On multiple page strikingly sites I no have a few pages that are long to scroll and no quick way to navigate. vertically. It would be great to have drop down menus for each page to allow quick anchor jumping.  

    Another item that would help is a secondary navigation row. So once I go to page two I could still have another sub row of navigable anchor point titles for that page.


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    Nathan Cook

    I have requested this feature before. When i sent a email to support, i got this reply, it might work for those who are looking on a easy way how to do it. This is the email i got, so have a go at making a drop down menu. Use the link in the email. The email reads:

    Hi, Nathan! Thank you for reaching out.

    I see that you want to have a drop down menu to your site. Unfortunately, we don't have that kind of feature yet. What I can suggest is to use an accordion section which is an HTML Embeddable.

    Once you have the code, click your editor Settings> Show Advanced> Custom code> Header code, then paste the code and hit the Update button.

    I found an article on how to create an accordion to your site: http://www.w3schools.com/howto/howto_js_accordion.asp 


    Hope this helps until Strikingly add the feature :)