Convert A Page with Sections into a Drop-Down

Would be great to have the developers make a single option such as "Create drop-downs from sections" for all Pages that contain multiple sections.

When clicked on, the top-level navigation bar item would show the entire page with its sections, and the dropdowns link to the sections within that page.

For example:

Photos - fsmusicanddance.com/photos
- Music Gallery - fsmusicanddance.com/photos#musicgallery
- Dance Gallery - fsmusicanddance.com/photos#dancegallery

This would allow users to use Pages with sections without having to break up a single page into multiple pages. Sometimes, users would like multiple sections to be kept on a single Page.

Thank you!

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    Hi Ellenie! Thanks for submitting this idea - the good news is that it's already possible to create a dropdown that links to sections.

    Check out the how-to guide here and scroll to the "Creating a Dropdown Menu to Sections" part of the guide. Good luck and let us know if you need a hand :).


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