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There was an idea post about in 2016 regarding the ability to add individual postage rules for items that override universal rules. Comments were added to the post right up until August 2018 with no response.

I for example have items that cost $2.50 ($5 item) to post and others that cost $8.00 ($30 item) to post. If I have a flat rate across my store I am in a position where I have to either overcharge for the lesser item or undercharge for the higher cost item. If I offer free postage then I have to raise the price of my items to recoup some of the costs and I either lose money and/or sales depending on the item.

Ideally I require a postage option for each individual item where the higher cost postage in the cart becomes the base cost for that purchase and then the combined postage for extra items is added on top of that. Combined postage is a feature lacking in many other store builders and one I am grateful to have here. However I will likely lose sales without the individual rules per item and I would rather not have to move my store somewhere else. It seems to be an important feature that many sites lack and many store owners need.

On another topic, can we please also know if there are plans to allow the editing of individual product pages? It would be helpful to customise these pages as well.


Regards, Carl.

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    Thanks for sharing, Carl! Our project manager also believes that it is a great idea to have variations on shipping fee (for each product, locations, and weight). However, we require a specific number of votes to pull the trigger. With regard to editing the product, what customization do you have in mind? We previously received a similar request so please go to this post to 'upvote' the idea (you can also post your comments, feedback, and suggestions). I will need to close this one so we can gather the votes in a single thread. Thanks for your cooperation! :)

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