Add Store Pickup in Shipping Options

Create an in-store pickup in shipping options, so customers can stop by your location to pick up their orders. It will be helpful for selling with offline stores or working with pickup stations.

Note: Multiple Shipping Options are only available for Pro users and up.



How to Add Pickup as a Shipping Option 

More info:


  1. In the editor, go to Store > Shipping. This page shows a list of shipping options.
  2. Click 'Add Shipping Option'
  3. Select your Shipping Rule: Store Pickup
  4. Fill out your Region & Rates, Pickup Option Name, and Pickup Guidelines as required.
  5. Click the "Save" button to activate this option.

For example, you can set up 2 shipping options (e.g. Standard Shipping & Store Pickup) with different shipping rates and option names in the same shipping regions.


What Your Customer Sees

During checkout, customers who select this shipping region will see these 2 options when they fill out their shipping information.


Customers will also see their selected shipping option in their order confirmation email:



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