Add More Shipping Regions in US/Canada/China

If you're selling to the US, Canada, or China, you can now enable shipping and set different rates for specific states/provinces. 


Before setting up the shipping regions, make sure you've set up Shipping for Simple Store.

  1. Go to editor Store > Shipping
  2. Select a Shipping Option, then click Edit in one of these 3 countries
  3. Select the targeted State/Province you want to set a shipping rate for


You'll see a pop-up list of State/Province where you can select specific regions to ship to. 


For example: Let's say your store is based in California and you're selling to both US and Canada. If you'd like to charge different amounts for customers from California, from other US states, and from Canada, you should set up the shipping options as shown below:


After saving the shipping rates, your customers will see the appropriate shipping rates when they select the corresponding region.


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