Import Products from CSV

Import products to your Strikingly Store! This feature helps you create or edit product data in bulk. This is a big time-saver if you’re selling a lot of products, or if you’re moving from a different e-commerce platform.





Download CSV Template

  1. Add a Simple Store section if you haven't already.
  2. Click the Store > Products tab to view the product list.
  3. Click "More Actions" on the upper right part, then click Import Products.

  4. Click Download CSV Template.

  5. Open the CSV file with Excel or Google Sheets and complete the product data as the template shows. Each row should be a product or a product option.  


Upload CSV File

  1. Save the file in CSV format.
  2. Click Upload CSV File to upload this file. Wait for our system to validate your CSV.

  3. You will review the results before the import. Click Start Import to confirm the import process!


4. If the CSV data has any errors, the fields that need to be corrected are listed in the table. You'll need to fix all errors and re-upload the CSV file.



CSV Formatting: Products vs Product Options

If your product has multiple options (variants), you'll need to use a specific format. 


1. Product without Options

Just enter product information in a single row.


The result:

2. Product with Options (1-Level)

Let's say you're selling a White T-Shirt in Small and Large sizes. In the CSV, you’ll need to create 1 Product row for the base product and 2 Option rows for the two sizes, like this:


The result:


3. Product with Options (2-Levels)

Let's say you're selling a T-Shirt that comes in Green or Grey, and each color comes in sizes Large or Small. In the CSV, you’ll need to create 1 Product row for the base product and 4 Option rows for each combination of options, like this:

CSV Data Format:


The result:


Bulk Edit Existing Products

To edit existing products, you just need to copy the appropriate Product ID in Products - Edit Product.



Then, just paste the value into the Product ID column in the CSV file. Our system will check for any existing Product IDs from your CSV file. If the ID is of an existing product in your store, that product info will be replaced in your store's product list (even including that product's options).




Detailed Error Messages

When importing products, you may see error messages in the review stage. The Error Position shows which column the error occurs in. Here's a list of all possible errors and how to address them.


Error message How to correct the error?
Required field cannot be blank You left a mandatory field blank. You must enter a valid value.
{{Stock}} is not valid This depends on the field. You must enter the correct data format for this field. For example, you must enter a digit (e.g. 3, not $3) for the Price field.
Product data missing for Option row

For each product, enter "Product"; For each product option, enter "Option". You cannot add Option rows without a Product row above.

Max {{number}} characters You entered a value that is too long. You must reduce the length.
Max {{count}} options per product / Max {{count}} choices per product option You must delete some options or choices for this product.

{{Option Choices}} must be unique

Each Option Choices (SKU) must be differently named. e.g. Red, Blue, Green

Max 1 image only per product option

Each Option can only have one image. Cover images can only be set for a Product row.

Must enter 1 or 0

For some fields like Shipping, enter a 1 or 0 to indicate if this product requires Shipping. 1 means yes/true and 0 means no/false.

Image upload failed / Image URL is not valid

Your image URL is inaccessible. Please make sure the URL works in your browser before importing.


If the import keeps failing and you can't seem to fix it, please contact our customer support at! We'll help you get the issue resolved.



1. Can I import products from another Strikingly site?

Yes! You can export products from site A, and re-import CSV into site B.


2. Can I export products from Simple Store?

Yes. You can follow this guide: Export Products to CSV.


3. What currency will be used when I set a product price in the CSV file?

You should not input the currency symbol in the CSV file. We will use whatever currency you have set in Settings - Accept Payments.


4. How do I upload product images via CSV?

You may upload product images using a publicly-accessible URL, like,fl_lossy,h_1000,w_500,f_auto,q_auto/1339460/815163_385649.jpeg

If your images are already on the Internet, you can grab the URL simply by right-clicking the image and then selecting "Copy image URL." If you're looking for somewhere to host your images, we recommend searching for some popular image hosting tools (e.g. that can give you publicly-accessible image URLs.


Note: Don't copy the image address from Dropbox or Google Drive, since those private URLs are not publicly accessible!


5. Can I delete products using import?

No, products can only be added or edited using the import function.


6. Can I import Digital Products?

No, we currently can only import Physical Products. 


In case you need assistance, shoot us a line at or chat with us.

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