Export Products to CSV

You can now export your store’s products to a CSV file, which can be opened in Excel or Google Sheets. With this tool, you can edit products in bulk and re-import the changes, which is a time-saver if your store has a lot of products. Related tutorial: Import Products from CSV



How to Export Products

  1. In the site editor, add a Simple Store section if you haven't already.
  2. Click the Store - Products tab.
  3. In the product listing, click the ··· icon at the top right, then click Export Products.
  4. In the prompt that appears, click Download.



After exporting your products, you can import CSV file to the same site or to a different site. Importing the CSV will create new products or update existing products. To learn more about how to import products, please read this guide: Import Products from CSV



  • We recommend opening the CSV file using Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets
  • You can only export physical and service products. You can’t export digital products.


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