Send Automated Emails To Site Audience

Note: This feature is only available for PRO users and above.

Create email automations with a custom trigger! Your site audience members who meet the trigger will receive a custom automated email. For example, by setting up an email automation, visitors who submit a custom event registration form on your site can receive an automated email with details of the event. Find this feature in Editor > Audience > Email Automation.


1. Select trigger and send time


Triggers options:

  • When a visitor submits the form.
    • Submit any form.
      • Visitors who submit any form on your site will receive an automatic email.
    • Submit the specified form.
      • Visitors will receive an automatic email only if they submit a specific form.

Timing options:

  • Send immediately after triggering
  • Send ( ) days later after trigger. (Enter a number from 1 to 100)
    • The email will be sent at the same time-of-day as when the trigger was hit. For example: If set as 5 days later, and a visitor submits a form at noon on Jan 1, they will receive the automated email at noon on Jan 6.


2. Edit automatic email content


By default, you will see the preset template for your trigger.

The preset template for form response will show the submitted form info in the email body. You can also replace the default content with anything you want to communicate to your audience.

Before you can activate automatic email, you will need to fill in the email subject and sender profile.


3. Manage the automations

You will see all automations in the list.__2021-10-29_20.42.25.png

When you are satisfied with the trigger and content of your email, you can click "Activate" to enable it. Activated automation will be sent each time a visitor triggers. 

If you want to stop the automation, click “Deactivate” and the corresponding automated emails will no longer be sent.


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