Email Prompt on Live Chat

When you have Live Chat activated on your website, you can choose to prompt or not prompt your site visitor for their email addresses before they start chatting with you. You can choose between three settings:


Email Prompt Settings

1. Smart Email Prompt (Recommended). This setting will allow your site visitors to opt out of putting in their email addresses before they can chat with you. They can do that by clicking "Cancel" on the live chat window. 



2. Email Required. This setting will require all your site visitors to enter an email address before they can start chatting. 



3. Email Not Required. This setting will not require any email addresses from your site visitor so they can start chatting with you right away! 

But don't worry--at the bottom of your chat box, your site visitor will still have the option to enter their email address if they want to hear from you. 



Set Up Email Prompt on Live Chat

To set up email prompts, log in to your Strikingly account and open your site editor. 

1. Go to Audience > Live Chat.

2. Under "Away Message", you will find "Require Email Address to Chat". 

3. Select your preferred setting and hit "Save" when you're done! 


Adding Email Address from your Audience Tab

For anonymous site visitors, you can still edit their contact info or update their email addresses.

1. Go to your "Audience List" tab and select the contact you want to update. 

2. Click More Actions > Edit Info.


3. You can now edit your contact! 



If you're having trouble setting up email prompts, feel free to email us or chat with one of our Happiness Officers.

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