Analytics FAQs

Strikingly's Analytics dashboard gives you a view of how many site visitors you have and where (by country) they are from. We also break down the traffic sources - e.g. direct traffic, social media platforms, or from other sites. Check out the most frequently asked questions about this tool and send any of your unanswered questions over to our Happiness Team!

Q: Some of my sites' stats don't show up on the dashboard, why?

This might be because you have more than 10 sites. To make sure your dashboard loads faster, we only load stats in the last 7 days for 10 sites at most. Don't worry, you can still see the stats of a certain site if you click the "View Stats" button.


Q: What does "unique views" mean in my site's stats?

Our system considers all visits from the same IP during a certain time period as 1 unique view during that period. For example, say your site has 3 visits from an IP yesterday and 4 visits from the same IP today, you have 1 unique view for yesterday, 1 unique view for today, and 1 unique view (not 2) for the past week, from that IP. "Unique views" are basically the total count of unique views during the period you choose.

Q: Why is my site shown in traffic sources?

If your site appears in traffic sources, your visitors might have clicked on your site logo or clicked “Back to the Site” button on your blog posts and redirected to your site.

Q: I've published my site and I know there are people visiting, but I haven't seen any data in my site's stats. Is the data realtime?

The stats data is not realtime. Please allow up to a few hours delay for our system to process the raw stats data and reflect the update on the stats diagram.

Q: I've also set up Google Analytics for my site. Why is the data shown on GA different from what I see in the stats?

There are a couple of reasons Strikingly stats can seem different from GA stats:

  1. The definition of "unique views" on GA is different from our system. GA drops cookies on visitors browser and use cookies to decide whether the visitor has visited your site before, while we use IP to determine that. There are pros and cons with both ways and we choose to use the IP way.
  2. For geographic distributions of views/visits, it's possible that our system and GA use different geo-IP database and have a slight difference.
  3. The timezone used when querying stats data can be different. Our system uses UTC to do the query, however, the analytics displayed is based on your browser. 
  4. Some GA views apply sampling to the stats data if your site has a large number of page views, so it can be slightly different from Strikingly stats.

The reasons above also apply to other analytics platforms since each platform has its own way of processing and displaying stats. However, if you believe your Strikingly stats is wrong, please contact us. To diagnose the issue we will need read access to your GA property (or another analytics platform) and look into the data points.

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