Moving from Pro Yearly To Pro Monthly / Limited Yearly to Limited Monthly

Can I switch/move plans?

Yes, you can switch your plans anytime. However, there are certain instances when we need to do the switch for you. 

  Monthly to Yearly Plan / Yearly to 2-Year Plan

  1. Go to our Pricing page


  2. Select the "Yearly" tab.


  3. Upgrade to the plan of your choice (Pro, Limited, or VIP). 


Changing from Yearly/2-Year Plan/Multiple to Monthly Plan or from Multiple Year/2-Year Plan to Yearly Plan

If you are changing from a Yearly to a Monthly plan or Multi-year plan/2-Year plan to a Yearly plan, send us an email or chat with us so we can help you switch.

How do I know what plan I am in?

Visit your My Accounts page to know your current plan. This page should also show when you will be billed next.



  • For any plan changes that you can't do on your end, please send a request using your account email. We value security and protect our user's account integrity. Only account holders can request plan changes. 
  • If you don't remember your account email, send us an email or chat with us and we'll help you find your account. 
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