Leaving Strikingly / Export Site

Can I export my site and host it somewhere else? What if I leave Strikingly?

Unfortunately, we don't allow exporting of sites yet. We do hope to have this function in the future!


If you are moving away from Strikingly...

We will miss you! You can downgrade your plan to "free" and keep your site as a free siteurl.mystrikingly.com/ site, or delete it altogether. You will have to rebuild your site elsewhere, if you've changed platforms!


If you bought a domain through Strikingly, you can keep the rights for that domain. You can still access the domain dashboard to manage your domain.


If you want to transfer that domain away from us (usually not necessary), let us know at support@strikingly.com. The emails you set up for that custom domain will no longer be valid, so you'll have to set up email hosting with your new registrar or with Google Apps Enterprise. 


If you no longer want that domain, make sure it is not attached to any site, and it will not be renewed at the end of expiration date. (You'll be emailed to confirm this choice.) Unfortunately, we are unable to refund you for the fee you've paid for the year, so feel free to use the domain while you can!


Can I delete my whole account?

We can delete accounts for free users. Contact us at support@strikingly.com or chat with us. If you're on a plan, you'll have to downgrade first!

Here's more about downgrading.

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