Manage My Strikingly Domain

The Strikingly domain dashboard is here! This should make it easier for you to manage your custom domains.


How do I access my domain dashboard?

  • Login to your Strikingly account and click "Domains" or go to this page.


Note: The Domain Dashboard is available for users who purchased domains with Strikingly.

Here's a list of things you can do under "My Domains".

1. Check your domain verification status. 

After you purchase your domain, you will see an email with the subject "[Action Required] Verify your contact information". It contains a link that you need to click to verify your domain. If your domain is not verified, you will see this notification. If you need to resend the confirmation email, contact us via email or via chat.


Don't forget to check your spam/junk email folders! But if you're still not receiving it, email us at

Here's more about domain verification.

2. Built-in DNS Manager.

If you want to add subdomains or edit your domain's DNS settings, you can do that by Going to My Domains > Settings > Open DNS Manager

If you don't see the "Open DNS Manager" link just yet, contact us through



To add subdomains, refer to this article

3. View your domain's contact information.

In this section, you can turn your domain's auto-renew setting on or off.


Note: If you have previously verified your domain and asked us to change anything in the contact information (Name, Email), you will receive another verification email which you'll have to confirm again to keep the domain verified.

If you want to transfer your domain away from us, email us at or chat with us. We'll help you get through the process seamlessly. 

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