Add Contact Form or Sign up Form

All Strikingly templates have simple contact and sign up forms. 

To add a contact form to your Strikingly page, follow the instructions below. 


1. Add a new section to your site by clicking the "Add new section" button on the left editor toolbar.
2. Select the "Contact & Forms", and click "Contact Form".


You will have 4 fields in our standard contact form that you can toggle on or off! We've got: email, name, phone and message fields (can be renamed as well).


3. Add a map of your location by clicking "Add Map".



4. Mouse over the map and click "Edit".



Here's a sample contact form with a map:


If you need more customizable fields or more advanced form functionality, take a look at our Custom Form.


To add a Signup form  to your Strikingly page, follow these instructions:

1. Add a new section to your site by clicking the "Add new section" button on the left editor toolbar.
2. Select the "Sign up Form" section.
You will have 2 fields on our standard sign up form you can toggle on or off! We've got: name and email fields. (can be renamed as well!)  


Each (non-spam) entry to the contact form will be emailed to you. If you are not receiving messages from us, check the recipient address on your contact form, and also go to your account to see if you have unsubscribed to us at any point. Edit your mail settings here!

When you're emailed, the "reply-to" address should be the email of the person who filled out your form, and the subject line should say "a new comment on"


If you want the comments from the contact form to be sent to a specific email account, you can change it within the editor.


1. In your site editor, click "EDIT" on the contact form.




2. Type the email address where you want to receive the comments into the "Recipient Email" field.


The messages sent through the contact form should be sent to your recipient email address.


  • The Contact/Sign-up form "Recipient Email" only allows one email address.
  • If you are on a Free plan, site visitors who submitted their info through your contact form will receive a confirmation message like this:

    "Hello, xxx!

    We've just received a form submission from you on Thanks for your message!"

    No email confirmation will be sent to your site visitors who filled out your form if you're on any of our paid plans (Limited, Pro, VIP).

Having trouble receiving notifications? Check out our solutions here.

If you've got questions send them to or chat with us.


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