Can't Receive Emails from Contact Form


Why can't I receive emails from my contact form?
If you're not able to receive emails on your contact form, please check the following: 
1. You have your email on the recipient field.



2. The email that you use can receive emails. 

If you have these two settings setup properly, you should be able to receive email notifications when your site visitors submit from your contact/sign up form.


If you're using custom domain emails (ie,

  • Check your filter settings and Spam/Junk folder. Make sure to also add in your safe sender's list!
  • Use a working email--some emails can't receive incoming messages because they're not set up properly. Check with your email provider!
  • Use a different email such as Gmail, Yahoo!, Hotmail, etc. 

If you're still unable to receive emails from your contact form, email us at or chat with us.and we'll check it out for you!


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