Changing Site/Page Title

The title of your site is what shows up in the tab at the top of your browser, address bar, search engine results, and social shares. By default, it shows the first name you entered when you signed up i.e. "Joyce's Site."



Note: Changing the site title does not guarantee automatic updates or adding the information in search results. It is determined by search engines. To speed up this process you can Verify Google Search Console and submit Sitemap or request a re-index using Google Search Console.


Change the Site Title

1. Go to your Strikingly site editor, and click "SETTINGS > "Basic Info".

2. Put your description text in the "Site Title" box.


3. Click "SAVE".

4. Don't forget to publish your site.


Change the Page Name or Title

Pages on your site have two titles with different purposes:

  • Page name - Appears on the site menu.

    1. Go to your site editor, and click "MANAGE" next to PAGES.


    2. Tap the page name and enter the new name.


    3. Enter or click the tick icon ✔ to save the change. 

  • Page title - Appears in the browser tab and search results. You can visit Adding SEO Page Titles and Meta Descriptions/Tags to learn more.



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