Add Subdomain (Strikingly)

How do I add subdomains on a domain I purchased from Strikingly?

You can add subdomains to your domain and hook up Strikingly sites to those subdomains! Each domain you buy from Strikingly has an unlimited number of subdomains! Examples include,, etc. (We cannot set up directories, such as

(If you didn't purchase your domain from Strikingly, you'll need to modify your domain's settings with your registrar. Click here to see how.)

A. Do this on your Strikingly site editor:

Go to you site editor and click Settings > Domains. Set your desired domain on the custom domain box and click "Update." 


B. To set up your Strikingly subdomain, follow the instructions below:

1. Go to your domain dashboard.



2. Select Settings tab >> click Open DNS Manager




3. Click the dropdown box and choose CNAME

4. Fill in the boxes with the following (example is you are trying to create -- about is the subdomain). Value should be the In this example, the value is

5.Hit "ADD". You're all set! Your new subdomain should be connected to your Strikingly site now.


That's it! The new settings may take a few minutes up to several hours so you may have to wait it out a bit. Don't forget to clear your browser's cache and history before checking out your site again!

Email us at or chat with us for any questions! 

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